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The success of your company could be defined by your data backup and recovery management. According to The Gartner Group, 71% of companies with tape backup systems have experienced failure to restore at one time or another.

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With proven remote data backup and recovery technologies, DataVault, powered by Asigra, offers streamlined, secure remote backup and recovery procedures that will not only give your company comprehensive secure offsite data protection, but helps you meet data storage compliance mandates as well.

What best describes your situation?What best describes your situation?

I need a reliable backup solution.

DataVault greatly reduces the risk of data corruption and recovery failure.
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I have compliance requirements to meet.

Up to date with government regulations aimed at accessibility and privacy.
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I need a cost-effective & scalable backup solution.

Pay for only what you use and get the tools to keep data growth in check.
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I need a new backup & recovery solution.

We'll help develop and implement the ideal business continuity configuration.
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